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Michigan Beers on Tap

North Peak Brewing Co. Furry Black I.P.A.

Soft hop texture, Dry, caramel finish

Shorts Brewing Freedom of 78 Pure Guava I.P.A

Medium bodied, citrus fruit, guava nectar

Dark Horse Brewing Co. Reserve Special Black Ale

A well-balanced heavy malt, roast and chocolate black ale

Bell’s Oberon Ale

Malted wheat flavor and fruity notes, citrus hop aroma

Michigan Beers & Ales

Bell’s Amber
Bell’s Pale Ale
Founders Dirty Bastard, Scotch-style Ale
Founders Breakfast Stout, Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout
Founders Porter
Michigan Brewing Co. Celis White, Belgian-style Wheat
New Holland Full Circle, Kölsch-style Ale
Saugutuck Brewing Co. Oval Beach Blonde
Short’s Bellaire Brown
Short’s Soft Parade, Fruit Rye Ale