5 Pro Tips for Travelling to South East Asia
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5 Pro Tips for Travelling to South East Asia


5 Pro Tips for Travelling to South East Asia

Asia has the widest number of cultures in the world. It is a place which you must explore, and you will be amazed by the beauty of the lifestyles, cuisines, and geographical regions of the place. But you can be easily lost in the crowd of such heavily populated countries. Hence, you will need the right tips for travelling safely through southeast Asia while you enjoy your vacation.

Be a responsible tourists

While you take care of your own, make sure that you do not forget about your surroundings. Do not use the opportunity of freedom as an advantage to do anything. Respect the destinations and avoid playing around with the ethics of other cultures. When you become a responsible tourist, you will receive a better service from the residents.

responsible tourists

Plan everything in advance

Start 3 to 4 months in advance for your trip. Do not start your trip in a hurry. Make sure that your trip route is planned for each and every day. Do not keep too many destinations and overburden your plan. Keep a shortlist of countries and destinations that you can cover conveniently in the time you have. You can always come back again to visit other places.

Try alternative commutes

When you can make use of buses and trains to nearby destinations, what good is the idea of taking the flight? You can travel through affordable and efficient commutes. If you take a bus at night, which will drop you at your destination in the morning, you are saving money from flight tickets while you can use the night time to sleep. If you take a flight, you will reach in an hour and then you will need to pay extra for accommodation till morning.

Safeguard your health

Make sure to meet a doctor before you leave your home to check for any health issues. Get vaccinated for your trip and keep a stock of your medications for emergencies. Do your research for any viral flu or disease in the destination that you have to be careful about. Read the health warnings mentioned by the tourism websites of the destination.

Learn to bargain

Asia is a colourful place to explore. You can find so many unimaginable things on the streets that you would want to buy. But the vendors do not see you as tourists, they see you as potential clients who can mint money for them. Do not hesitate to bargain from the vendors. They will understand your worries and will crack a good deal with you. You can actually have fun bargaining, as they also do not want to let you go empty-handed. Be polite while you enjoy the game of making a deal with vendors.

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